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NJGWS MS Excel Heat-pulse flowmeter calculator 2016 MS Excel Workbook with the HFM-2293 test results and the NJGWS flow calculator

For details concerning the derivation and use of this workbook, please see: Herman, G. C., French, M. A., and Filo, R. M., 2016, NJGWS Calibration and Flow Studies Using Heat-Pulse Flow Meter Model HFP-2293, in Shallow subsurface geophysical investigations in environmental geology, Gagliano, M. P. and Macaoay-Ferguson, S eds., 33rd Annual proceedings and field guide of the Geological Association of New Jersey, Trenton, NJ,

SketchUp CAD file 2016  SketchUp CAD file of the NJGWS HFP-2293 Flow diverters as referenced above

Prospect Park Trap Rock quarry 2016   MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Earth Data files for the Paterson Prospect Park Quarry

Crustal compresion axes and earthquakes 2015   Google Earth Data files for the New York Recess

Photo Calendars11" x 17" portrait format, suitable for regular 8.5"x 11" printing

2011 (2.6 MB)  Microcrystalline Silica and Associated Sulfides from the Pennington Trap Rock (Diabase) Quarry, by David Harper, Greg Herman, and John Dooley

2010 (2.5 MB) New Jersey Fossils, by David Harper

2009 (1.7 MB) The Jersey Shore, by David Harper

2008 (3.8 MB) Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines, by David Harper

2007 (2.7 MB) Aspects of New Jersey Geology,by David Harperr

Google Earth KMZ filesNew Jersey GeocachesNew Jersey Geocaches - Google Earth KMZ file. Rev. 03/02/09



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