2018-2019 Executive Board

President James Brown, Retired
Past President Tim Macaluso, Brookdale Community College
President Elect Michael Hozik, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Recording Secretary Stephen J. Urbanik, New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
Membership Secretary Suzanne M. Macaoay, PennJersey Environmental Consulting
Treasurer Alex Fiore, US Geological Survey
Councillors at Large Pierre Lacombe, US Geological Survey
  William Montgomery New Jersey City University
  Alan Uminski, Environmental Restoration, LLC
Conference Committee Alan Benimoff, The College of Staten Island/CUNY
  Jane Alexander, The College of Staten Island/CUNY
  Michael Gagliano, New Jersey Geological and Water Survey
GANJ board members are encouraged to attend board meetings that are held ~3 to 5 times per year.
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